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The Rendezvous Roadmap

We do one thing here at Rendezvous – and we do it damn well.

Our Rendezvous Roadmap is our signature service, and it includes everything you need to bring your brand in line with your vision. Finally.

Here's how

Step two: in the sticks

Rather than splicing up all the pieces of your brand, we start at the ROOT of your brand: Your mission, vision, and values. 

Heart of the Matter

Step 1:

Step Three: glam time

Step one: heart of the matter

As part of our package, we offer coaching that digs into where your business is now, where you’re struggling, and exactly what your vision is for the future.

In the Sticks


Step Four: Cut a rug

Step Two: In the sticks

With coaching as well as execution, we’ll ensure your brand design, website, offers, website copy, funnels and products, customer experience tools, and content are aligned and on point.

Glam Time


Step Three: Glam Time

You’ll leave our virtual offices with a plan for using your new brand assets to build the business you see in your head.

Cut a Rug


We’ll have you ready to debut your brand, your vision, and your offers into the world with ease and aplomb. Starting at 5 months.

Wait… how long is this gonna take? I’m a busy gal…


A piecemeal brand is about as appetizing as a martini without the twist. No one's licking their lips for more.

We know what it takes to have them drooling — and we offer all the elements necessary to make it happen. While we make adjustments as befits your brand, all our projects start with a handful of core pieces. 

Buckle up buttercup. The list is extensive.

vision coaching

We’ll coach you through defining your values, mission and vision

Offer Audit & Design

Help to map out your offers and the logistics of delivery



Essential Dishes

Including your logo, colors, fonts, photography guidelines, and graphic styles

Brand Creation & Style Guide

Design and copy? Yes!

Website Build

Welcome email, email sequences,
and email templates


Everything you need to turn on the charm.

Copy and design for one funnel

Sales Funnel

We’ll help you choose and create a values-packed client experience
(like a welcome gift or product

Client Experience Set-up

6 months of blog and social
media content

Content Plans

Content plan incorporating your
brand launch and new offers, plus
design templates

Social Media

Boost your SEO

Blog Posts

Design and copy? Yes!

Lead Magnet

Total investment


Custom payment plans always available on request, no interest added.

Other elements
necessary to make your
brand go gangbusters
are always up for

Why all the fuss?

Because we’ve been around the block a time or two

And honestly?
The block is getting boring.

Rather than ONLY designing a brand or website, creating your brand voice, revamping your offer suite, OR creating a stellar customer experience… we help you do it all. And do it in a way that’s aligned with your vision for your business.

We also operate as a united team, integrating each other’s skills and strengths to bring the best to your project. 

No more juggling multiple contractors or working with agencies that just outsource work to the cheapest option. 

Get expert attention on all the pieces that make your brand GRAND.

Meet the gang

Nicole Yang

Brand & Graphic Design

The sweet mixer

Latasha Doyle

Copy, Content, & Marketing

The Boozy Kick

Megan Dowd

Strategy & Coaching

The Cocktail Shaker

Meet the crew

Nicole is a brand designer with a degree in graphic design in journalism. She’s a Certified Brand Specialist and she brings the color (and delight) to everything we do. She also believes that the world looks a whole lot better after a nice garden walk.

Nicole Yang

Latasha Doyle is a copywriter and content strategist, who has worked with a wide range of brands to help them find their voice and create plans to share it. She also believes that the world would be a better place if everyone read more. Whether you want sass or serious, she's the gal. 

Latasha Doyle

Megan is a certified Equity-Centered Coach, who guides you through every phase of our process — and helps you get into the nitty-gritty of your big-picture vision.  She believes that the root of your brand guides everything you do (and that a fountain Coke and fries can solve most problems). With her in your corner, you'll always win.

Megan Dowd

Got questions, cookie?

We've got answers.

Do you offer your services a la carte? I don’t need everything listed.

Why are you so expensive?

Can you use the website/brand/copy I’ve already paid for? 

Not to pass the buck, but no. We only offer full-service branding, creative, marketing, and strategy because we know that piecemealing your brand is what’s costing you in the long run. 

Through top-to-bottom, soup-to-nuts branding, your brand can finally cut a rug. 

Do you offer your services a la carte? I don’t need everything listed.

Why are you so expensive?

Can you use the website/brand/copy I’ve already paid for? 

Can’t you buy a girl a drink first? Just kidding.

Our pricing is based on market rates for each of our services and deliverables. While our package is $22,500, the value and higher-end cost encroaches on $30k territory. That’s a lot of smackers, but you’re off the hook for the full amount.

We want to make holistic branding and real growth for your brand possible, and that means charging a realistic rate for all the goods you get. 

Still have questions about price? Schedule a call with us and we’ll walk you through all the deliverables and how we can help deck out your business.

Do you offer your services a la carte? I don’t need everything listed.

Why are you so expensive?

Can you use the website/brand/copy I’ve already paid for? 

We can absolutely use past assets… but it won’t decrease the overall price of your package. And while we’re happy to use those deliverables as guidance for your project, we’ll also likely recommend changes to adapt them to the holistic brand we see for you.

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