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With Rendezvous, you’ve got it made in the shade

You’ve been sweating the details of your brand for long enough. One piece of the puzzle falls into place, only to push another out.

Losing sight of the big picture has you itchy and anxious — your plans are too big to fall apart now. That’s where we come in, with our full-service brand strategy, development, and execution.

From a visual brand that finally fits, to the assets you need to share that brand, you’ve got it made in the shade. 

Dip your toes in the cool kids’ pool, sip on your drink, and let’s get to work.

Don’t worry — we do the heavy lifting for you.

We serve business owners & brands with moxie

We aren’t here to help just anyone. That would be boring.

At Rendezvous Creative, we work with ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs like you, who are building bigger, better brands, sister brands, and sub-brands.

Our clients know they want help turning “Something just isn’t right” into “This is exactly right.” But they don’t want to risk piecemealing the elements — and they don’t want to wait years.

If that’s you and you’re ready to work with a team who can help your vision for your business match what you see (finally), DM us today. 

You want your brand to feel full of possibility. 

Meet the Gals

Nicole Yang

Brand & Graphic Design

The sweet mixer

Like your favorite bartender, we’re here to shake things up. 

Latasha Doyle

Copy, Content, & Marketing

The Boozy Kick

Megan Dowd

Strategy & Coaching

The Cocktail Shaker

Nicole is a brand designer with a degree in graphic design in journalism. She’s a Certified Brand Specialist and she brings the color (and delight) to everything we do. She also believes that the world looks a whole lot better after a nice garden walk.

Nicole Yang

Latasha Doyle is a copywriter and content strategist, who has worked with a wide range of brands to help them find their voice and create plans to share it. She also believes that the world would be a better place if everyone read more. Whether you want sass or serious, she's the gal. 

Latasha Doyle

Megan is a certified Equity-Centered Coach, who guides you through every phase of our process — and helps you get into the nitty-gritty of your big-picture vision.  She believes that the root of your brand guides everything you do (and that a fountain Coke and fries can solve most problems). With her in your corner, you'll always win.

Megan Dowd

Siloed branding?

Not here, Dolly.

The Rendezvous team brings an unmatched blend of design, marketing, coaching, and strategy skills to your brand. We collaborate on each section of your brand to make sure it goes gangbusters. 

Pair these elements with expertise in branding, copy and content, coaching, and brand experience, and you’ve got a team with enthusiasm for building holistic, stand-out brands.

If you want our team in your corner for the next evolution in your business, visit the link in bio to learn more.

Makin' Waves

As an extension of Rendezvous’ services, we have also created The Waves of Change Grant. 

We know that as small women-owned businesses, it's our responsibility to provide more than top-notch service. We’re dedicated to sharing what we know and to making it possible for other women — especially women of color — to rise up, practice their passion, and lift up their communities. 

These women are ready to make big waves — and they need a circle of support to make it happen. That’s why, every year, one new recipient is named for our business grant and development program, where we deliver a full rebrand, marketing assets, and a business growth plan that makes waves. 

You can learn more at 

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